Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Yamaha VSS-200 Drum Samples

I spent a bit of time tonight with my VSS-200 sampling the individual drums from the preset drum patterns. They aren't exactly the best drum sounds in the world, but they have a certain nostalgia about them for me that made it worthwhile.

Yamaha VSS-200
One of my VSS-200s

You can't directly access the drum sounds from the keyboard, so what I did was slow the tempo of the rhythm generator down as far as it would go and used Kong in Reason to sample sections of the different rhythms, cropping out the bits I needed.

VSS Buttons
The controls for the Accompaniment section
Connecting the board to my interface was easy enough, the output is a 1/4" jack at line level, so I connected it straight to the line in on the front. From left to right the cables are power, line out and line in. I didn't use the line in for this particular project; I was using it to crunch up a few drum samples earlier on and I didn't disconnect it.


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