Monday, 30 April 2012

Depeche Mode - See You

I have here three more recreated synth patches, this time from the Depeche Mode song See You. Taken from their underwhelming second album "A Broken Frame", the song features sounds from the PPG Wave 2 wavetable synthesizer, a hybrid synth with digital oscillators and analogue filters and VCAs.


A simple snappy bass triggered by a sequencer that provides a solid pulse for the song. I used Subtractor to recreate it, although the original came from the Wave. I used a saw wave for the top end and a square wave an octave lower to give the sound a bit of grunt.



Thor's Wavetable Oscillator
Thor's Wavetable
Oscillator Module
A classic 80s bell sound, full of rich overtones. I couldn't tell at first whether it was a product of wavetable or FM synthesis, but considering the DX7 wasn't around when the song was produced it pretty much had to be a PPG. This was a tricky patch to put together, because I had to scan through loads of different wavetables in Thor to get a suitable sound. I used two waves from the same wavetable in the end to create a layered bell sound.


Synth Choir

Another classic PPG patch, this time using the PPG Formant wavetable, recreated for Thor. Again this was a tricky one to do, but I loaded the original track into Reason 6 (oh the joys of audio support!) and compared mine to the original as I created it. Obviously there are subtle differences, but I'm happy with the overall effect. Notice in the routing matrix that Rotary 1 controls how much the LFO affects the pitch. I used this to create a subtle vibrato so that the patch didn't sound so static.

Finally, here's a little clip of the parts in context (thrown together at the last minute in true TK style)

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