Thursday, 2 February 2012

CHOMP: The $50 Open Source MIDI Controller

I was checking my RSS feeds this morning and I came across a fantastic little bit of kit that an American high school student has built. It's called CHOMP (Configurable Hardware Open-source MIDI Platform), and he's currently trying to fund it through kickstarter. The best part about it is that it's only $50 US.

I've pledged $50, because I'd love to see this take off. I'd even consider buying a few of them if the project is a success. I like the idea of being able to build my own MIDI controller easily, and that's what this project offers; custom MIDI controllers without all of the hassle of programming your own Arduino board. That said, the production model will have a programmer header, so if you want to change the code you could do, as it is based on the Arduino standard. For instance, I contacted the project's founder, Max Justicz about using rotary encoders with CHOMP, and he informs me that with a small change to the code it would be possible to use them instead of regular potentiometers.

I just hope he manages to get it off the ground, it'd be a real shame if a piece of technology this useful wasn't a success.

Minimum donation is $1 US, and $50 will get you the board. If the project doesn't reach its goal of $25k then you won't be charged, which seems fair to me.
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