Sunday, 22 January 2012

Together in Electric Dreams

Two more Reason patches for you, this time from Philip Oakey's hit song "Together in Electric Dreams". Yes, that song that everyone (including me until about 5 minutes ago) thinks is by the Human League. The two patches I've recreated are the pad from the beginning of the song and the big fat polysynth.

The pad is quite simple, just a filtered square with a short attack and a long decay. I fed this through Thor's chorus to give it the movement that it has in the original track, and also programmed the mod wheel to scale the LFO's effect on the amplifier, effectively creating a tremolo. This isn't a feature of the original patch, but I wanted to add it in to perhaps make the patch a little more versatile for other projects.

The polysynth is a pretty standard 80s sound, and is actually based on an earlier patch I posted called "So Juno". I set Thor up so that oscillator 1 uses a sawtooth wave and oscillator 2 uses a square wave, with pulse-width modulation being controlled by LFO 1, scaled by Rotary 1. Oscillator 3 is also set up as a square wave, but one octave below the other two as a sub oscillator. This configuration was used on Roland's Juno line in the 1980s, as well as the Korg Polysix. This patch only required the sawtooth and sub oscillators, so I turned off oscillator 2.

I assigned the mod wheel to control the filter cutoff, so as it is increased the filter closes, changing the timbre of the sound so that it sounds more like a pad. Once again, this is not a feature of the original patch, nor is this a feature of the original Junos, but I find that it's useful to be able to control the filter cutoff frequency easily.

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