Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A wee bit of techno

It's assignment season again, so aside from the the Investigative Study updates I've not got much to post. I do have other uni-related music to share though, including this piece I put together for my synthesis assignment.

I'll make this joke only once (and feel free to tut, groan or sign), but look at the rack on that!

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It's a very short piece; just over 2 minutes long, and the mix needs work (I've mixed it roughly with headphones, but that's not ideal), but I like where it's going. I took influence from 90s Acid, using Subtractor to emulate a 303. Explore the project using the rps file here.

As a side note, this is probably the last Reason 5 project I'll be working on, as Reason 6 arrives tomorrow! I can't wait to get my hands on it, especially "The Echo".
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