Friday, 16 December 2011

Simmons SDSV

This may be a keyboard blog, but right now I'm working on some synth drums. After all, the 1980s was full of them. I've been working on creating an emulation of the Simmons SDSV electronic drum kit in Reason, using the combinator as a virtual front panel for each individual drum module.

I've been looking on at the original manuals for the SDSV, which helpfully describe the functionality of each drum module's controls, and how they react to velocity.

The Simmons SDSV - (Image by Ben Franske)
This video, courtesy of the Simmons Museum, shows what each control on the module does to the sound.

I'll have an update on my progress with my recreations soon. I've got a pretty good approximation of the toms using 3 layered Subtractors, but the Combinator knobs need to be assigned before I publish them on here. In the mean time, I've prepared a short demo of what I've managed to create so far.

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