Monday, 7 November 2011

New Order - Blue Monday

I've been working a lot in Reason this week on a few sound recreations, and I've had good results so far. I set myself the task of recreating the famous synth sound used on New Order's "Blue Monday", and to demonstrate it I've recreated the first section of the song in Reason using Oberheim DMX samples for the drums.

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Below are links to the sequencer and bass patches, as well as the reason RNS file. The arrangement is just a very quick approximation of the song, but I think the basic elements are all there, although feel free to tell me how you think it could be improved.

Blue Monday Sequence

Blue Monday RNS
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  1. Hi i can't open your links any more is there any chance you could tell me how you created the synth patches i'd really like to know i've been trying for ages to get a similar sound but i've never got that close, i realize that this is an old post but if you can still remember i'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. Hi there! If you're still out there I've fixed the broken link. From what I remember the bass uses PWM (or at least a narrowish pulse wave) and not too much filter. If you have Reason though try opening the patch now, it should work =]

    2. Wehey it works :D They sound fantastic thanks so much i owe you a pint! :D