Monday, 14 November 2011

More Recreations!

I've had a pretty productive day today as far as patch programming is concerned, I've recreated sounds from four different synthpop songs using Subtractor. I've been slowly working my way through the list of sounds I want to recreate, and I decided to focus on two artists today.

Depeche Mode:

New Life Pluck (Add chorus and serve)
I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead Riff


Messages Sequence
Combo Organ (Enola Gay, Electricity etc.)

Patch diagram for "Messages Sequence"

The only one that gave me any real trouble was the sound from the riff of "I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead". I initially tried using too much filter envelope and it sounded all wrong. I backed that off, added vibrato and changed the mix between the two oscillators and it sounded much better. Tricky little patch, but I quite like it.

It's worth noting that in the final refill I probably won't be using these names for the patches, but I'll worry about that closer to the time of completion.
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