Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Minimalist Piano Music

University has kicked off with a bang! I'm only in the second week of my second year and already my creative juices are flowing. Today we learned about Steve Reich's approach to Minimalism, specifically how he wrote pieces of music designed to be played at different tempos on different instruments. The effect is stunning, and we were all given the chance to come up with something similar.

After a bit of messing around in Pro Tools and Reason I came up with this, and I'm quite proud of it. No delays effects or time stretch tools were used in this recording; one piano was recorded 0.5 bpm slower than the other.

Drifting Pianos by Matt Harrison

Also related to university, I've got a big project that I'll be announcing soon on here, and I'll be updating the site much more regularly as part of it, so make sure you come back soon.
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