Sunday, 12 June 2011

And then life caught up...

My dear readers,

I've had a good run of posting at least once a week (sometimes twice) over the last couple of months, and I still have a few bits to post, but I may have to slow down on posting for a little while. I've torn down a lot of my gear in preparation for moving house, and I'm going away on a trip for a couple of weeks, so between galavanting off down the country and packing my stuff up there might not be a lot of time for blogging.

In other news, my first year grades are slowly trickling in, and so far I've gotten a first in every subject except one, so I'm pretty pleased with myself over that. It's been a good year at uni, and I've learned a lot, but I'm glad to have some time to myself. So far my time off hasn't really been "time off"; I've been keeping busy with recording sessions and reorganising the blog, so I'm looking forward to a nice break.

Follow the blog or subscribe to my RSS feed to keep up with new posts, or follow me on Twitter. Things should be back to normal pretty soon.

Matt =]
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