Sunday, 29 May 2011


I have an announcement to make: Over the last few days I have been busy organising some webspace and a domain name for the blog. The new home of Totally Keyboard is! Shortly after creating the blog I decided that Everything Keyboard wasn't really the name I wanted, so I changed the blog name, but in order to stop my search engine listings from falling and creating dead links I kept the original url. This no longer matters however, because blogger will redirect all of my old links to the new domain. How kind of them!

In addition to the domain change, I now have some webspace, so I can start hosting my own audio, pictures and other files. This mean I am no longer reliant upon Soundcloud and Picasa, and it also means I can upload templates for Pro Tools and Reason sessions, as well as a selection of my favourite custom Reason patches (link in the top bar). Also in the top bar are links to my various profiles and pages on different sites (see “My Online World") and a playlist of all my YouTube vlogs to date..

For the most part the site will look the same, albeit loading slightly faster, but this will make it a lot easier for me to post content, so I can begin posting more advanced tutorials without having to worry about all the technical nonsense.

I'm not paying a great deal for web storage, but it does mean that now more than ever I need the advertising revenue. For this reason, I politely ask that if you are using ad-blocking software in your browser that you please add an exception for the site. There will be no pop-ups or scam ads, so it is perfectly safe, and it helps me with the running costs of the site.

In addition to these changes, I have added a “Related Posts” widget to the bottom of each post. This should help you find other articles about the same subject quite easily, and might direct you to something you may find interesting.

I hope that the changes make the site more useful to you all. After all that’s why I maintain the site; to help people learn.

All the best!
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