Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tying it all Together

Here are some links to various places on the web that relate to me for anyone who is interested.

MySpace - My MySpace (Or My_____ as it's now known) music page - My uncle's page - some of my earliest recording work

Soundcloud(s) - My Soundcloud. Not much there now, but I have stuff ready to post - A soundcloud I use for covers - Not mine, it's my friend Jonsie's soundcloud, but I did write and perform the piano part on the track "The Bother of Love". Check his stuff out, he's a fantastic drummer and a good engineer.

Blogs - A blog I had to put together for my music diploma discussing different genres of music. It's nothing fantastic, but I've included it for the sake of completeion - Admittedly this won't make much sense to someone outside my family, and it's been dead for a while, but it's a blog we kept going with spoof news and articles. It was fun while it lasted.

Youtube - Go watch my old videos if you have a spare 10 minutes

StumbleUpon - Just a cross section of what I look at on the web. Feel free to subscribe, or just have a look through my stumbles.
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