Thursday, 2 December 2010

Reason 5 - Using Redrum to trigger Kong

I upgraded to Reason 5 last month after seeing how much fun other musicians were having with it. It might not be as big a leap as it was form 3 to 4 (when the mighty Thor was introduced), but the new percussion tools are certainly a welcome addition.

So far I've been using ReDrum as my triggering source, because that's the way I've always done it. In the video I'll explain how I've done it, and demonstrate a few (a tiny few) of Kong's capabilities.

I used a Kraftwerk-style Motorik beat in the demo, just because it was easy to program, and it's got a nice driving sound to it. Since going to uni I've been listening to a lot of Kraftwerk actually, and it seems to be finding its way into my own music. Still, I can think of worse acts to be influenced by...

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  1. I made up a combinator patch and put the Kong and two redrums into it and patched all the outputs of one Redrum into the Kong and the first six of the second into the remaining Kong patches. I put the levels on all those Redrum levels down to zero and set the levels on the last four patches of the second redrum to normal levels and audio merged that redrum with the Kong's output. Finally, I used the first rotary on the combinator to control the master levels on both the Kong and the second redrum. This allows you to set up sixteen redrum channels to control the Kong and four more redrum channels to use on their own. Actually, I mixed in the second redrum's audio also so if I want to mix it with the Kong output I can do that.

  2. That's actually a really good idea, I'd not thought of using two Redrums. I'd probably use the four extra Redrum slots as sidechain triggers or something, I rarely use more than 10 different drum sounds (although that's probably just because I'm still used to Redrum's limitations)