Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Let me introduce myself...

Hello keyboard fans!

My name is Matthew Harrison, I'm (currently) 19, living and studying in Durham, England. I'm a massive fan of progressive rock, and everything to do with keyboards. I've grown up with three passions; technology, old stuff and music. I'm a big computer geek, I love fiddling on and seeing what I can make my machines do next. As a child I took things to pieces to see how they worked, and build new things from things that didn't work. I love old technology too, I have a big record collection, and plenty of gadgets from the past lying around my flat. Some of these things happen to be keyboards, or things relating to them.

When I was a child, I heard Pink Floyd's masterpiece "Wish You Were Here". I vividly remember hearing the opening passage of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and thinking to myself "I want to make those noises". The drone of the ARP string ensemble was mesmerising, completely different from anything else I'd ever heard before. Not long after I was presented with a toy keyboard, and then a Yamaha VSS-200. Before long I'd taught myself how to play some simple songs, and was picking up snippets of tunes by ear.

Since then my tastes have expanded beyond Pink Floyd, and the technology I have access to has increased in complexity. I don't have my original VSS-200, but I have two others, as well as a Roland Juno-G, a Yamaha TX-802 tone generator and a Roland F-100 digital piano, not to mention the stacks of VSTs and samples I have access to. This blog will cover what I have been able to do with those instruments and software, as well as talking about the music and musicians who have inspired me, keyboardists or otherwise. It's basically a palce for me to ramble on about my somewhat geeky hobby, and if anyone happens to read it then so much the better!

I aim to be posting twice a month. Sometimes it'll be more, sometimes it'll be less. I have a few things lined up for the future though, so there should be plenty of activity.

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  1. Hi Matt!
    This is Elise, in case you're confused by the user name.
    Really looking forward to more interesting posts of yours - should be a cracking blog!


  2. Hulloooooooo Honey,

    I'm enjoying your blog so far. Will become a follower.

    keeps us old acoustic musicians awake.

    Love Aimee xxx